Believe… Achieve

“We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us.” – Rabindranath Tagore False assumptions have a way of leading your life no matter how hard you try to avoid them. If not only professionally, they will affect your private life as well. Yet the rigidity of these preliminarily wrong statements can hopefully be […]

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Career Choices

How many people are ready to give up on their dreams to stay in their comfort zone? How many people are ready to take risks to make those dreams come true? Would you opt for a win-win position and do both at the same time? Those are the questions that haunt us during our career […]

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France: The step to upgrade !

The reason why I have chosen to write this article about France and its future regarding its impact on the economy in Europe is because it is about a deep-rooted culture that French entrepreneurs should seriously assume to put their chances on their side and get France to a higher spot. Agree to communicate in […]

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Biz Instagrammers

This is the direct result of a Union: Instagram & Business. Let’s call it InstaBiz! InstaBiz is what happens when a business starts and continues its promotion and growth through the application Instagram. People essentially use it on smartphones rather than laptops because it is fun, fast and simple. People check their smartphones permanently. Laptops […]

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‘Not enough’ spirit

It is difficult to imagine ourselves in a higher spot. To aim high is not easy to measure. However, it is always possible to move step by step to the next level without necessarily jump to the unknown and find yourself taking risks you cannot handle anymore. Small failures are always better than big ones […]

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