Don’t be scared of being out of proportion – Create your own balance!

Because we have to “fit”, we find ourselves immersed in this vicious circle that is life!

What we tend to forget is that no one cares. And really, No one cares!

As long as we respect law, as long as we respect the other, no one will knock at our door and say: “I don’t like your way of thinking, your way of life”.

Unfortunately, no one has escaped from conditioned minds. We were raised in conditioned minds, educated by conditioned minds. We read them every single day. We are happy meeting with them, following their activities and sharing “knowledge”, networking for the sake of our beloved careers. But where are you in this crowd? Why are you all the same? Seeking security missing the moment you disappear completely.

“You can’t make a place for yourself in the sun if you keep taking refuge under the family tree”

  – Helen Keller.

The only idea to keep in mind is this one: it is not about the other, it has never been and it will never be!

To reach this way of thinking, we do not need to act selfishly. We just need to give more importance to what matters for us without changing our habits or behavior towards the community that surrounds us.

You might have encountered this “Friendly Reminder: Your life could be over at any moment”. I am not sure I can say better than this. It cannot be simpler than what naturally limits us in life. We just need to grab this chance of being alive to actually be “alive” out loud: Our identity is our weapon. No need for superficiality or hypocrisy. This is what ruins our soul and humanity.

So who are you? Say what you have to say, Now!



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