Biz Instagrammers

This is the direct result of a Union: Instagram & Business. Let’s call it InstaBiz!

InstaBiz is what happens when a business starts and continues its promotion and growth through the application Instagram. People essentially use it on smartphones rather than laptops because it is fun, fast and simple. People check their smartphones permanently. Laptops are almost getting annoying today even if we still need them.

With over 200 million monthly actives, 65% people live outside the US, 20 billion shared photos, 1.6 billion daily likes and 60 million photos per day, Business Instagrammers are not losing their precious time. It is indeed a unique opportunity to promote their brands, products, activities through a 4-year-old popular fast growing business.

This social networking service enables the share of photos, videos inside and outside the app itself. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr are connected as well.

Beyond the popularity gained way before the use of Instagram by celebrities, actors, football players and others, many young entrepreneurs and bloggers started from scratch through this app and grew their businesses thanks to it.

The Italian fashion designer, Chiara Ferragni (known as the blond salad), has started her fashion blog 5 years ago in October 2009, exactly one year before Instagram got launched. With over 10,000 posts on her Instagram account, she has already reached 3 million followers. Her Instagram hashtags are usually either #theblondsaladgoestohollywood or #theblondsaladneverstops. Actually, she just moved to Los Angeles last October and she never stops indeed.

Another case has recently kept my attention making of Instagram the Number 1 tool to promote a business is: SHREDZ Company existent in over 100 countries in the world thanks to social media and especially Instagram since 2013. That was the concept used by this young entrepreneur, Arvin Lal, who chose to quit his job to build a new company in 2011 and sell nutritional supplements for bodybuilders. Their hashtags #shredz #shredzarmy #trainharderthanme made the company grow exponentially through Instagram community. He managed to create a whole crew, a real dedicated “Army” around the world with 21 employees only and NO external investment.

So how can you make the best and most efficient business use of this free platform?

Marketing tools are beneficial when we use them in a smart way.

Several apps exist to make of the InstaBiz a proactive and consistent one. Their use is essentially to complete what Instagram helped you to achieve. It facilitates analyzing the collected data from Instagram. Therefore, it helps you act consequently to reach your objectives, raise visibility, make better choices depending on your strategy.

Among those analytics’ tools, we have the free app Iconosquare. It gathers data from your Instagram account and provides graphs with enough information to give you an idea about the best timing to post, your evolution, etc.

Totems Analytics is another app that provides almost the same but paid service.

You can start with the free app to practice and visualize your segments and other parameters, grow step by step first and maybe move to the next level with more specialized apps.

So what are you up to?

Do not limit your options – Technology should stay by your side!



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