France: The step to upgrade !

The reason why I have chosen to write this article about France and its future regarding its impact on the economy in Europe is because it is about a deep-rooted culture that French entrepreneurs should seriously assume to put their chances on their side and get France to a higher spot.

Agree to communicate in English and France will know a brighter future!

I recently had this quick discussion with a French political journalist in Paris and at some point, I unintentionally made a statement in English. The reaction of this young journalist was staggering: “ We are in France here. We speak French! ”

The amazing thing is that the subject was not about language at all and this response just made me question the whole French way of dealing with people, foreigners included.

Is it the result of a very well cherished culture or just a lack of open-mindedness?

In both cases, it is certainly not a positive way to create a peaceful environment of trust and sharing. Growth and Improvement will definitely not come to us without a minimum of flexibility and openness.

I have beautifully encountered this idea today at the Bpifrance TV show about Innovative entrepreneurs and their ways of raising Cash.

As Marie Ekeland, VC and Co-President of France Digitale and Nicolas Dufourcq, the Chief Executive Officer at Bpifrance, clearly identified, speaking in English today is the essential key to get to the international market for French entrepreneurs and this should not be questionable. It is in fact difficult to be the only voice of our company and that is why we need to delegate to the appropriate trustworthy people.

In this case, the only hope for France to change the image of being “The time-bomb at the heart of Europe” is for French entrepreneurs to be incredibly open-minded and lenient to embrace the unexpected situations: Ready to take more risks in 2015 and make The Economist’s statement about France in Europe get switched off.




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